Fast FAQ’s

Tampa Bay Markets, Inc. has now made new changes to the Application Process for all open-air Fresh Markets starting January 2012. Please read below to learn about these new rules and regulations.

Tampa Bay Markets, Inc. schedules vendor enrollment from August to December each year. The reason for this is because we only have a certain amount of spaces per market location and it’s our intention to build and maintain the relationships we have with the Vendors who are approved per season.

Is your product line a fit for the Market you want to participate in?

Each Market has 6 Vendor Categories and we accept Vendors selling products from those categories on a first come first serve basis and in this order:

1. Agricultural / Farmed Products
2. Gourmet Take Home Food Products
3. Ready to Eat Lunch Bites that also offer a Take Home Option
4. Hand Crafts where everything sold is 80% made by that vendor. The only exception to this rule is where the products are Fair Trade and imported by the Vendor to help fund the producer/s in other parts of the world.
5. Eco-Friendly & Wellness products where those products benefit the environment or the health of our bodies.
6. Community Group or Non-Profit Organization: This category includes vendors who are requesting space at the market to do fund raising for a local charity/organization, a High School, Sports Team, Disease Prevention, Neighborhood Associations, etc… *Please note we do not allow the promotion of political information at the Market.

Primary Product Line: Tampa Bay Markets gives priority to vendors who want to sell a Primary Product line that is listed within our six Vendor Product Categories. In order to maintain the integrity and vision of the event we must insist on what we consider fair event rules. Fair event rules mainly focus on the protection of what is currently being sold in the market today.

For Example:
*All Vendor booth/display must consist of 80% of their main product line.
(I.E.-If my main product line is Cheese than 80% of what I am selling should be Cheese)
*Understandably there will be product overlap but that should only account for 10-20% of your booth/display items. (I.E- 80% cheese and perhaps 10% Sausage and 10% Goats Milk)
These percentages will keep one vendor from infringing on another vendors primary product line.
* If a vendor does have overlap items, all prices must be similar to like products of other vendors. Price gauging and undercutting will be frowned upon and noted.
It is our recommendation that all vendors carefully distinguish their product against existing products at the event before applying. * Unique items that are not currently being sold at the event will be given greater priority.

We strive to do the best we can to make things fair and simple for all concerned. These rules are based on information from various other events, official offices and other markets throughout the US.

Our Accepted List: All Accepted Applicants will receive an approval letter via email containing their start date, their Payment Information, and a copy of our Rules and Regulations Guide that must be followed in order to maintain acceptance. Once a Vendor is accepted, they will be reserved for the dates listed on their application unless they have been offered a Screening Date. A Screening Date is offered to a new Vendor who we are not sure is a perfect fit for the market yet.

A Screening Date is a chance for the Vendor to try the Market and make sure it’s a fit for them and a chance for us to review their sales approach, product display, product line and enthusiasm for becoming a full time Vendor. Regardless once a confirmation is received from a vendor regarding their reservation and a payment is received to book their reservation, they will be given a space in the Market for the date confirmed. A Vendor Logistics email containing Directions, the Time of Arrival, Space Location and the Weather Report for that Market day will be sent 2-3 days prior to the Market Day.

Our Waiting List: If the Primary Product Line exists in the Market a new Vendor wants to apply to that new Vendor’s Application will more than likely be added to our Waiting List for that season.
We now have a cap on our Waiting List where we will only wait list a total of 5 Vendor Applicants per duplicated product line per season. The Waiting List will be filled on a first come first serve basis and judged by the date the application is received. All other applicants will be denied automatically once the Waiting List is Full. The Applicants that get wait listed per season will be sent updates throughout the season to either act as a fill in vendor, to replace a vendor who has dropped out, or be told the status of whether or not a space will open up. The registration fee paid from the Applicant is accepted only once per season per completed application. If that vendor chooses to apply the next season, they will have to again pay the registration fee. In the case that a vendor is wait listed for a prior season and wants to know the chances of entry for the next season, we suggest to email an inquiry at before submitting another Vendor Application.

The Market Seasons: There are two seasons for the Markets we operate. The Main Season which is October thru May each Year and the Summer Season which begins in May and ends in September. Each Year we accept Vendor Applications for the Main Season in August until December. Those Applications received will be accepted based on the amount of space open in each Market during that time. The Summer Season beginning in May has some fluctuation where some Vendors drop out due to the hot weather. The Fresh Market at Wiregrass and Hyde Park Village are the only Markets we operate through the Summer at this time. Spaces that open up for the Summer will be filled on a first come first serve basis from our waiting list per season.

Our Denial List: If an Application is Denied it is because the Primary Product Line listed on the Application is already in the Market at this time or that it is not a fit for what we are looking for in that particular Market. Once and Application is Denied, it is for the entire season that it was submitted for.
For more information regarding the Rules and Regulations for this Market; Equipment, Display, Weather and other Markets we operate, please visit our Website and download the TBM Rules and Regulations Guide provided to you in the “How to Become a Vendor” section of our site.

Thank you for your interest and patience through our Application Process.

Due to the high volume of Applications received and the amount of work it takes to get each market set up per event date, please expect a delayed response once your Application is submitted. We normally take up to 7 days to respond, however when it is the Main Season – October thru May we tend to take a bit longer, especially around the holidays.

Thank you for your Application / Registration submission to this open-air fresh Market. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we transition our admissions process to

*If you are an approved vendor who is currently renting space in this market or any other market we currently operate, your product information and availability will be reviewed and a vendor space will be given to you based on your submission. You will receive a notice via email containing your approved dates for renting space at this market.

**If you are a new vendor, your application will be reviewed and an approval, wait list or denial notice will be sent via email.
PLEASE NOTE: In order to process this application, a Non-Refundable Application/Registration fee of $10.00 must be paid. This payment does not guarantee you a space in this market and is a one time fee per vendor per market per season. You can make your payment here.
Application / Registration Payments can be made in two ways:
*Please DO NOT send in any payments for your booth space until your application / registration has been approved for the main season. Please only submit your $10.00 fee at this time to process your submission. Once accepted, please follow the instructions below to then also process your fees for space at the Market.